PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Araya Greene.  I am a seventh grader at Family Worship Christian Academy.  Coming to this school has impacted me in several ways.  Some ways are how I became close to God, and I have learned a lot more than at a public school. 

When I first started attending this school, I thought it was like an ordinary school.  Now that I have a lot of experience of how the work is taught, I really like it.  The teachers help us learn in class and will tutor us if we need it.  They really want us to learn and understand our subjects.  

This school has helped me to learn better and much faster than normal.  At a public school if I did not understand something, I had to figure it out on my own, but now I can go to a teacher here at Family Worship Christian Academy and ask for help at recess, physical education or any other free time I have.   

 Before I came to this school, I wasn’t as close to God as I am now.  I was saying my prayers nightly and going to church normally, but we didn’t study God before. 

 My mother thought about moving out of state, but I told her I really like my school.  I also told her it would be wonderful if I could just pack this school and take it with us.  It would be amazing.  After my mother heard me say that, she made an agreement with my grandmother so I could at Family Worship Christian Academy this year. 


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