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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Angie Merida and I’m a junior at Mountain View Christian School. I have attended my school for five years, since seventh grade. I like this school because it’s a Christian school and the teachers care about all of the students. We are taught valuable lessons like how to be a good leader and take responsibility. 

I’ve been given a great opportunity to come to this school as not everyone can afford it. I think all families, regardless of their income, should be able to choose schools for their children. It is important to my family that I attend this school because they want me to have a good education and be a good Christian.  

My experience has been a great one. I have met a lot of people and we take a lot of good field trips. This school is like a family. Even though it is small, it is fun. 

My school has helped me to be a better person. In public school, it is easy to get lost. This school is great because it is a Christian school and we can talk about God and our struggles with our religion and problems. We can go to any teacher and talk to them and they would listen.  


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