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PROGRAM — School Tuition Organization

Anjali is a smart, funny, inquisitive child.  She’s an only child, so her constant friends are our dog Gordo, Fluffy-boo the feral cat, and a desert turtle.  Anjali is helpful, playful, friendly and loving. She takes great pride in helping feed her pets. When she was in pre-K last year, she was the class hugger and while at first most of the kids were a bit stand-offish, she soon had everyone hugging when they arrived or left school for the day.

Unfortunately, due to the times we live in now, that is not possible. In the second week of in-person learning, I went to pick her up after school and she ran to hug her friend and was told by her teacher, “No, no, no hugging.” She understands, she knows all about coronavirus and prefers the term COVID-19.

I primarily chose Christ the King because of the diversity of the population of students. Last year, Anjali attended a different Catholic school, where the population of students was 99% Hispanic. There is anything wrong with that, I’m Hispanic; I just want my child to interact with students of all shapes, colors, languages, etc.  The school she attends now has more of a mix of students. This school also offers more outside classroom classes, such as atrium, Spanish and music, which she really enjoys. The staff is very prepared and coordinated in their efforts. They have done a fantastic job in providing an education for our students during these trying times.

School choice has given Anjali and our family the opportunity to be able to afford tuition at a Catholic school by helping us pay for that education. We probably wouldn’t have been able to afford the yearly tuition otherwise.

” School choice allows families the privilege of choosing a school that they would like their children to attend regardless of its affordability.”

Honestly, I wasn’t aware of school choice or programs of its kind. I remember as a child seeing cousins and friends that went to private school and they had this ambiance of camaraderie that I wanted to be a part of. School choice allows families the privilege of choosing a school that they would like their children to attend regardless of its affordability.

I believe public/charter schools do a good job with what they’re working with. However, solely speaking of my experience with STO’s for the last two years with Anjali, I feel my child is getting a better education and school experience in the Catholic school she attends. The class sizes are smaller, religion in school is an everyday occurrence. There is a strong sense of community and family. Anjali will most likely be with her same friends, fellow students for the next eight years or so. That is so empowering, to feel safe and secure around those you spend most of your day with/at. Most importantly, school choice gives you the choice to choose the educational experience you want for your child.

Anjali has learned so much this school year already despite the lack of time actually spent in school. That is indicative of the time spent by the teachers and staff working to make sure that children are getting the same quality of education at home that they would get at school. School choice made this possible for our family. I am so thankful for school choice! It truly is a Godsend.


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