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This scholarship made it possible for us to hire a private tutor instead of going to school. I am so glad and excited that my daughter is getting a quality education through the ESA. She got diagnosed with cancer and thought she was going to miss school for two years because she couldn’t attend during her treatments. Gladly, she qualified for the ESA, so we chose to do private tutoring one on one.

“I am so glad and excited that my daughter is getting a quality education through the ESA.”

When she started with in-home school she was really behind she didn’t know how to write or read. Within months she started getting interested in writing and reading. She was super excited about school, and she’s more aware of her surroundings When she was in a public school, she was falling behind. The year that I applied for the ESA was her last year in that class but she was falling behind because everything that the other kids were learning she already knew. She was regressing. Now, she’s learning things that I never thought she was capable of doing.

Every kid is different and each one needs a different type of learning. We as parents should be able to choose what’s best for our children’s education and find the perfect school for them depending on their needs. We should search until we find one that has what our children require. Some need more help than others, others need one on one teaching, and others are good at being around all the other kids and don’t get distracted. We should stand up for our kids. Parents are their voices and we know what they need and what’s best for them.


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