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Alexander is a very affectionate child who has managed to win the hearts of many people.  He was diagnosed with autism at three-years-old and since then, every day at school has been a challenge for him. Every day we continue in the fight so that he can be an independent person.

We chose this school because the education, teaching, and time they give to my son are some of the most important things for his development to be as independent as possible. The teachers communicate well with parents so we work as a team for my son’s teaching. The school is trained for children with autism and their needs, that’s something very important for my son, they have the training and understanding of what autism is.

School choice has made a very big difference because we can choose the best school for our son’s needs. We see him enjoying going to school.

“I believe more families should have the privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice.”

Of course, I believe more families should have the privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice. I would like more families to have the same opportunity as us, to choose the best school for the needs of their children, and what a good choice that is. This is something so different from public school where they have really bad communication with parents and also they don’t have the best training for special needs children. I recommend the Empowerment Scholarship Account program.

School choice is the opportunity to choose a school for my son, and to be able to search and find the best one for his needs. Also the teachers listen to concerns and work as a team with me day by day so my son can get the best learning skills. I had a really bad experience in public schools. Now, I have been able to realize that in public schools all children are treated as the same and they don’t always care about their needs, or they don’t have the best training to know how to treat the children with autism.


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