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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Education

Zema is a very beautiful little girl. She is very lovely. Since she started to go to school three years ago she has been an A+ student. She has received many awards from her school.

I chose Phoenix Christian Preparatory school because I want my kids to grow both academically and spiritually, and I believe it’s the right school for my kids. The main reason we chose this school is because it has helped her become very disciplined and to know her Bible well. Academically, these things that I mentioned are very important for my kids. I believe many things are distracting for kids so if they are educated they can ignore the distractions and focus on their life and their future.

School choice has made a difference for my children and family, the school is working very hard to grow our kids in every way and that makes our life very easy. The school knows how to deal with the kid’s discipline, academics, and biblical studies.

“I believe more families should have the same privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice.”

I believe more families should have the same privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice. Every parent knows what is right. The privilege is here and I encourage every parent to choose what is good for their family especially for their kid’s future. As a parent, we are responsible for our kids and their privileges. I encourage all parents to take their time to go find the right school for their kids.

School choice means everything to our family. Before we got this opportunity, we were struggling in many directions. Now school choice makes our life easier, our kids are very happy and we are very confident in the place they attend. We don’t have to worry about our kids too much. That is why school choice is everything for my family.


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