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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Adrienne WilsonI am eleven years old, and I attend Family Worship Christian AcademyI am in the sixth grade and received a scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship ProgramFamily Worship Christian Academy is the perfect school for me because it has added much to my life. 

My school added a security door for our safety. This makes me feel safe, which helps me focus on my work and make good grades. My teachers and the staff help in other areas like sports, drawing, and programs where we can express ourselves through poetry, singing, drama, step, dance, and other artsThere are so many opportunities at FWCA for students to grow and learn. 

I have learned many things at this school. My teachers have taught me how to study to get good grades, how to look for the important clues in tests and quizzes, and how to infer when I am reading a text or a passage. One way my scholarship has helped me is by giving me the chance to attend this great school and learnMy teachers have helped me with my work and given me additional help to make sure I understand the work. My principal also keeps the whole school in order and always finds ways to supply whatever the school needs. This is why my school helps me be the best me I can ever be. I am very glad that my family choose Family Worship Christian Academy for me.   


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