PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Akeiyah CharlesI am attending Family Worship Christian Academy and received a scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship ProgramI have attended the school since pre-k, and now I am in the seventh gradeMany good things have happened for my family and me since I started school one being me receiving a scholarship, so my mother doesn’t have to pay tuition which is good because we do not have much money to spend on schoolThe school has also taught me Christian values and to have a relationship with God which has made me get along better with my familyI have learned from school and church to appreciate what I have been given. 

This school is very organized and productiveThe school buys all of our school supplies and provides almost everything we need. All students need to bring is their binders. The school also has everything in order and on time when we need it which means students do not to bring backpacks. 

Since I’ve been to FWCA many things have changedRecently, our school began a sports program. There was track before, but it was only one sportNow school offers cheer and basketball. Many studentsincluding myself, are happy and excited to be involved in these new activities.

The principal is very helpful and on top of thingsShe always helps us when we need herThe teachers here help students in the classroom by explaining all of the details of the lessons which is why my grades are A’s and B’sThe teachers are very educated and ready to helpMy GPA is about 3.88, which is very good 

Over my years, I feel that I have matured at Family Worship Christian AcademyI have learned how to take care of myself and mind my own business. I have also learned that sometimes it’s better to be by myself. I can bring my own positivity and don’t need anyone else to bring happiness to my life.  

Family Worship Christian Academy is a school where everyone helps each other and shows so much loveThe school is helping me with my futureI love the school and the people who provide it 


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