New Poll: Invest in Education: Support for Ed Freedom Continues to Soar

According to a poll by OnMessage Inc., support for school choice continues to soar across all party lines and demographics. Notably, Democratic support for education freedom and customizable learning now tops 70%.
People from all parties and across all demographics also overwhelmingly support allowing families to escape failing schools through school choice and that all parents, not just the wealthy, should have power over their children’s education.

Joint Statement from Luke Messer, President of Invest in Education, and Tommy Schultz, CEO of the American Federation for Children:
“In the last two years, we have witnessed education freedom become one of the most important issues to Americans. As we mark two years since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in how parents think about education. Voters are also prioritizing education freedom and standing ready to make their views known at the ballot box.
“Furthermore, as egregious achievement gaps continue to plague public schools across the country, with disadvantaged children systematically assigned to schools that have been failing students for decades, we must work together to empower families with alternative options through school choice. No child can afford to wait for the system to improve, and after three decades of evidence on effectiveness, we know school choice policies can provide a lifeline to millions of children.”

Full details:

Question: Parent Power
Parents should be in charge of decisions regarding their child’s education. It is not fair that only wealthy parents truly get to decide where their child goes to school.

75% support / 20% oppose

Party ID:
GOP: 86% agree / 11% disagree
DEM: 65% agree / 29% disagree
IND: 74% agree / 21% disagree

Black: 83% agree / 16% disagree
Hispanic: 77% agree / 19% disagree
White: 74% agree / 21% disagree

Question: Education Savings Accounts
As you may know, Education Savings Accounts allow parents to use their education tax dollars to customize their child’s learning and development. Approved Education Savings Accounts expenses include technical training, K through 12 private school tuition, or even special needs therapies from an array of providers including public and private schools or tutors. Knowing this, do you generally favor or oppose Education Savings Accounts?

77% support / 14% oppose

Party ID:
GOP: 83% support / 11% oppose
DEM: 76% support / 17% oppose
IND: 74% support/ 14% oppose

Black: 84% / 10%
Hispanic: 85% / 10%
White: 77% / 15%

Question: Education Freedom Scholarships
As you may know, there is a bill before Congress called the Education Freedom Scholarship Act which creates a federal scholarship tax credit. This tax credit will allow individuals and businesses to donate to non-profit scholarships, which parents can use to send their children to the public, private, or technical trade schools of their choice. Individuals and businesses that contribute to this scholarship program will receive a tax credit on their federal taxes. Do you generally support or oppose this proposed education scholarship program?

66% support / 22% oppose

Party ID:
GOP: 71% support / 19% oppose
DEM: 64% support / 25% oppose
IND: 63% support/ 23% oppose

Black: 82% / 13%
Hispanic: 69% / 22%
White: 64% / 24%

Question: Escape Failing Schools
Parents should have the right to remove their children from a failing public school and enroll them in a school that is succeeding academically.

83% support / 13% oppose

Party ID:
GOP: 91% agree / 7% disagree
DEM: 75% agree / 20% disagree
IND: 84% agree / 11% disagree

Black: 87% agree / 11% disagree
Hispanic: 85% agree / 8% disagree
White: 83% agree / 14% disagree

This national survey was conducted by OnMessage Inc. Telephone interviews were conducted on February 14-17, 2022. The survey consisted of 1000 likely general election voters and was stratified to reflect historic voter trends. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 3.10%.


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