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Iowa Election Sends a Message: School Choice is a Winning Issue

This week’s primary election in Iowa sent a strong message to opponents of school choice nationwide: Stand in the way of education freedom, and risk losing your seat.
Governor Kim Reynolds, the first Governor to sign AFC’s Education Freedom Pledge, made school choice a top legislative priority in 2022. However, members of her own party in the House blocked the effort for the second consecutive year.
That decision proved detrimental not only to the families denied educational opportunity but also to the school choice opponents who lost their seats, including the union-backed Chair of the Iowa House Education Committee, Dustin Hite.
Governor Reynolds boldly stood with candidates who challenged the elected officials standing in the way of better options for families, including Hite. Likewise, the American Federation for Children Action Fund expended more than $250,000 backing candidates who support school choice.
What does this mean? 
School choice is a winning issue. Not only do the polls show overwhelming public support for school choice policies, but that support is increasingly translating to results at the ballot box as well.


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