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Governor Reynolds Stands with Iowa Families in COTS Address

In Tuesday night’s Condition of the State address, Governor Kim Reynolds boldly stood for Iowa families and education options. During her speech, Governor Reynolds made one message crystal clear: It is time for meaningful school choice in Iowa.

The Governor has long been a committed advocate for parental empowerment and school choice in Iowa. Her willingness to make bold action on behalf of families sets an example for lawmakers in other states.

In 2021, she became the first Governor to sign the Education Freedom Pledge, which signals a commitment to school choice policies, pledging “to support policies that promote parental rights in education and educational freedom,” including school choice. Tuesday night, it is clear she remains committed to this promise.

Statement from Tommy Schultz, Chief Executive Officer of the American Federation for Children:

“Governor Reynolds continues to be a trailblazer in the movement for school choice and parental empowerment across the country. Her latest actions demonstrate that in Iowa, the needs of students and families will remain a top priority. This is a standard that other states should aim to emulate. We are grateful to Governor Reynolds for her steadfast dedication to families and for bringing these important issues to the spotlight.”


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