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Press Release

AFC Celebrates Governor Lombardo’s Actions to Save Scholarships

The American Federation for Children applauds Governor Lombardo for his bold actions to preserve scholarship funding for hundreds of Nevada students. After the Nevada legislature refused to negotiate and stop a significant funding cut to the Opportunity Scholarship Program, hundreds of children were at risk of losing their scholarships as the program funding dwindled.

Now, Governor Lombardo has announced he will direct funds to ensure no scholarships are lost.

Statement from Valeria Gurr, American Federation for Children

These scholarships are life-and-death for students across our state, and the prospect of losing them was devastating and scary for hundreds of families. I am thrilled that Governor Lombardo has stepped up to ensure no children are forced to return to a school that was failing them, and I urge Nevada legislators to consider the consequences of their actions in the future and come together to find permanent solutions to ensure opportunity for all Nevada children.


  • After the Nevada legislature refused to negotiate in the last legislative cycle, the tax credit scholarship cap was cut from $11.4 million to $6.6 million.
  • Several scholarship organizations had announced they would not be able to continue providing scholarships to hundreds of students.
  • Gov. Lombardo’s designation of funds ensures that no students using Opportunity Scholarships will lose them.


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