National Momentum in Favor of School Choice

Pro-school choice candidates prevail nationwide as potential map expands The American Federation for Children celebrates the success of pro-school choice candidates across the country.  In results available at time of publication, 80 out of 82 AFC-supported candidates won their respective races … Continued

New Democratic Memo Confirms School Choice Support Strong with African American Community in Wisconsin

A recently disclosed email memo from Democratic consulting firm, The Atlas Project, confirmed that there is strong support for school choice within the African American community in Wisconsin. The memo notes, “Many community leaders and African American ministers and pastors strongly support continuing … Continued

New DPI Enrollment Figures Show Continued Growth in Choice Programs

Late Friday afternoon, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released their annual figures for students participating in the voucher program. Wisconsin currently has four programs that afford financially challenged families the opportunity to attend a private school of their choice … Continued