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PROGRAM — Private

My parents wanted me to attend the same school as my sister, so I came to Roncalli. They wanted a smaller school because they attended a small school in a small city in Nebraska. They wanted us to have that same opportunity to be in a small environment. 

When I started school, I didn’t have many close friends. One of my friends could only attend if she received a scholarship. She did, which I’m very grateful for. But after a year at my school, I’ve made so many friends. This school is very close and everyone is very friendly. 

I love math and want to either be a math teacher or go into accounting. I went to St. James for grade school. My favorite teacher was Mr. Meyer, our literature teacher.  I like reading and he helped everyone understand what we needed to. My grade school helped prepare me for high school. And I think Roncalli will help me be prepared for college. We have AP and honors classes and can see what college is like before we get there. 

I received scholarships so I could attend private school. My sister also received a scholarship. My family doesn’t have a lot of money. We aren’t poor, but we don’t have a lot and the scholarships help because I have two other siblings. We are close in age and it’s very expensive to send three children to high school at the same time. 

I think all families should have the opportunity to choose where they go to school and be able to afford that without struggling. At Roncalli we have aid and opportunities to work. They offer more scholarships than many schools. I know my friend wouldn’t have been able to attend other schools. All families should be able to send their kids to the school they want.


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