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PROGRAM — Charter School

Whitney has a learning disability and has been in special education for eight years. Quite Write school has worked with Whitney and is getting her caught up.

I chose for my child to attend this school because teachers are very focused on the students and the curriculum is not like a public school. Whitney loves Quite Write and it has built up her confidence to be able to do school work by herself. The atmosphere and setting of the school is outstanding and they have loving and caring people as teachers. Whitney was held back in the past and she was going nowhere, now she is improving rapidly.

Whitney’s Quite Write education has made a huge difference in Whitney’s attitude, self-esteem, belief in herself, and even her family can see it. I believe every family should have this choice, especially children with disability’s, because public schools don’t spend the time and just put them in special education to collect the funding. These type of kids are smart- they just need more one-on-one for them to get the right understanding of their assignments.

“School choice and education is everything to our family.”

School choice and education is everything to our family. We believe if you don’t work hard now to get your education you will never go far in life. In this day and age with disability or no-disability, you can go somewhere in life if you work hard and put 100 percent into it. If you don’t, you won’t go far.


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