My education experience is one I hope other families never have to go through.   

My mom, a single parent at seventeen, was eager to enroll me in an academically rigorous school system. Her school experience was marked by teachers unable to recognize and accommodate her ADHD, poor grades due to an unsupportive learning environment, and instances of bullying.  

These experiences shaped her determination to secure better educational opportunities for me.   

Because financial constraints prevented me from attending a private school, we moved often to find a school that would meet my needs.   

By the age of seven, I had moved seven times.  

We faced instability in exchange for a stable and secure future. Yearly adjustments to new schools meant making new friends, maintaining flexibility with classroom changes, and constantly adapting to different teaching styles. I attended three elementary schools, each relocation representing a quest for a better, more suitable educational environment.   

To access a better school, we even had to lie about our address, risking the consequences many parents have faced.

I ended up at a rigorous academic school for the rest of my K-12, but I wasn’t happy there and wished I had options outside of my residentially assigned public schools.   

Both of my siblings are currently struggling in the same unequitable system that I struggled in. I want more for them and for all the children in a misplaced education system that hinders their potential.  

Once I graduated high school, I was finally exposed to the opportunity of choosing a school that fit my ideal environment. Throughout my time at Carnegie Mellon University, I have gained interest in education law and am passionate about fighting for quality education for all children, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.  

I should not have had to wait thirteen years to find a school that fits my needs, and neither should any child. By sharing my story, I aim to empower parents, educators, and policymakers to work toward a more inclusive and adaptable education system.   

Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, and it is our collective responsibility to make it a reality. 


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