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My school choice story starts with my mother. As a single parent, she wanted to shield my sister and me from the struggles she encountered.   

Although my mother applied for both of us to attend the same public magnet school, I found myself waitlisted. For the next four years, I remained on the waitlist until finally a spot opened up when I was in fifth grade.  

The contrast between my previous public school and the magnet school was striking. Despite being an A/B honor roll student, I received my first F in math after transferring to the new school. Shocked and discouraged, I found unwavering support from my mother and sister, who refused to let me stay stagnant.   

Nights and days were dedicated to working tirelessly on school assignments. My sister diligently reviewed my work and assisted with after-school studying until my mother took over upon returning home from her job as a bus driver.   

As I grasped new concepts, my grades improved significantly.  

After completing the remaining grades in the magnet program, I transitioned into high school and gained acceptance into the school’s International Baccalaureate program. But it wasn’t the right fit for me. After a year, I explored alternative options, opting for Advanced Placement courses instead.  

My high school journey unfolded successfully, marked by achievements as both an athlete and an honor roll student. Post-high school, I pursued a one-year trade school certification as an Automotive Mechanic before furthering my education in college, where I earned two associate degrees.   

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree while continuing my passion for football.


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