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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

I grew up in a large household. I was raised by my grandmother and she took in a lot of family for various  reasons. Seeing as though there were seven children in the house, my grandmother could not afford much for us. She could not afford to send us to the schools where we would be guaranteed a quality education, so we were stuck attending our neighborhood public schools.

The voucher program came into my life at what seemed to be a perfect moment. It not only gave me the education I craved, but it was a very affordable option for my grandmother. It relieved her a lot knowing that we had the choice to learn and thrive at school.

HOPE school was an experience much different than schools I had experienced before. The class sizes were smaller, the teacher knew us by name, and most of all we were learning. The staff took the time to make sure we were in an engaging learning environment and that we were comfortable as we progressed.

The care and attention I received during my education helped shape me into the person I am today. My school culture was small but strong and the experiences I am definitely grateful for.


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