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PROGRAM — Charter School

Why did you become an educator?

Education is the cornerstone of key activities in our world. Through it, we are able to create change, produce leaders of intellect, and serve our society beneficially. This is why I became an educator. To see the constant pursuit of knowledge transferred from one mind to the other gives me fulfillment. To see the eagerness of students dream of bright futures for themselves and work tirelessly to make those dreams a reality gives me excitement.

What do you love about your school?

One thing I love about my school is its team cohesiveness. Our faculty and staff is like one big family and we continually lean on each other for support, moral guidance, innovative ideas, and we challenge each other to go the extra mile for our students. In order for our students to succeed, they not only need to see good leaders, but they need to see the willingness of those leaders to join together for their success.

Why is it important that lower income children can attend schools of choice?

Lower income children lack one thing and that is opportunity. From the time they are born, they are forced to deal with their circumstances. As they become knowledgeable about their conditions, they begin to spark a hunger to get out of those circumstances. When they are forced to attend schools that don’t stimulate the development and learning styles they need, they can’t be positively influenced to keep their drive and push themselves through their work.


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