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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

My child was struggling in public school with ADHD. He struggled to focus, manage time, was distracting others and very fidgety. Every single week the teacher called me and told me how hard things were with my child.

I had so many teachers telling me that I needed to take him to a doctor and do medication but I did not want that. I tried an IEP plan and a few other things but it was very hard to find anything that really helped. He was also way behind on school work and in school with bad grades. I felt that the teachers didn’t have time or were unable to try to really help me.

“The change was amazing!”

When I learned about ESA funds I found a school that was arts based that really helped my son. The change was amazing! The school listened to my concerns and picked teachers and classes that would really help him.

My son is more of a visual learner and the way the school is set up with a focus on learning through art really benefitted him. I have never again had any teacher call me every week like before. His grades are better, he has less anxiety, he is happier, he enjoys school, and I am so happy. It has been such a blessing! It is so hard as a mom to see your son so sad and struggle. I am so thankful and happy my son is happy and thriving now in a private school.


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