PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

We are a family of five with three little girls. We have a second and fourth grader currently receiving a scholarship. We applied because we are stuck in a neighborhood where the school is failing. We feel like there is not a good opportunity for growth for our kids. Our children are being bullied. It is addressed, however it does not change.

The school we were in didn’t seem interested in our family so we needed a change. We heard about the scholarship so we applied. Before that we didn’t know we had a choice for a better education. We never thought we could afford to bring our kids to a school like the one they attend now, but the scholarship gave us that opportunity.

“They went from having Ds and Fs to all As.”

Their school doesn’t just feel like a school, it definitely feels like walking into a family. You feel safe. Your children feel safe, and loved, and cared for. It’s a completely different environment from what we were experiencing before.

Because of the opportunity scholarship, our kids are now thriving. They went from having Ds and Fs to all As. Our children feel safe. They are genuinely happy when they come home from school. They are making friends. They’re in an altogether better environment.

The environment at their new school fits them so perfectly and it’s definitely the environment they need to be in.


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