PROGRAM — Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund

By dad, Tom:

Our family received a scholarship through the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, which has the full support of our wonderful Bishop Daniel Thomas of the Diocese of Toledo. He has repeatedly taken numerous, practical strides to help Catholics become holy disciples, holy families and foster holy vocations. He has kept this at the forefront, and has even simplified the end result that should guide all we do: get to Heaven. That goal should drive how we go about our lives, work and relationships. It should also make where our kids go to school an almost non-negotiable topic.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with public schools, but if my wife and I want the very best for our children, with Heaven being the ultimate goal, there’s only one option that gives them their best chance. For us, that’s through a private education at St. Aloysius School. The scholarship supports us in that goal. Sure, that monetary amount and the tuition are measurable, but I cannot quantify the support, the love, and the education that they receive from what must be the most talented staff in our area.

If anyone needs an occasional reminder of why the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund and other like-minded boards exist, please know that our family is living proof that they’re offering hope and creating a future for kids.



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