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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

By Tedra’s mom, Keysha

I am the proud mommy of Tedra. She is now attending Innovation Academy Montessori Private school. Without the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship I know for a fact she would not be able to attend this particular school. 

“I knew it was up to me to make a better decision for my daughter’s future.”

Tedra was born premature. She was in an early intervention program and ultimately the special education program in elementary school. But she eventually phased out of that program. And in kindergarten, she struggled. She got lost in the crowd. I knew it was up to me to make a better decision for my daughter’s future.

So I looked around to see what types of schools could help Tedra and found a private school. But I did not have the funds to pay for that particular school. 

That’s when I was introduced to the scholarship program, and I’m truly grateful for that program. Now Tedra is not hidden amongst the many students that were in her class. I definitely know I made the right decision to ensure that she’s successful and can be the future leader of America. 

I am eternally grateful for this scholarship program.


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