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PROGRAM — Education Savings Account

I have been helping out as a parent volunteer at my children’s school for the past three years. A casual conversation with another mother in our neighborhood park led me to discover STO and ESA scholarships. This sparked my interest and led to my involvement to help other school parents learn about these opportunities that exist in our state of Arizona.

I have witnessed firsthand the huge impacts that school choice has made. Our little private school does not receive any public funds. It is dependent only on charitable contributions and tuition to meet its operating needs. Additionally, our school may allow families to attend even if they cannot afford the tuition. It was only about three years ago, the school was struggling financially.

But, then we learned about school choice and the different scholarships available to families. Faculty and volunteers have since made a collective effort to inform our families of their options. We are so grateful for the tremendous impact this has made in our school families’ lives and the financial well-being of our beloved school. Even families who ordinarily could not afford to send their children to private school, now have this option!

It is truly encouraging and uplifting to witness how a family with extremely limited financial means and from an underprivileged neighborhood can be given this valuable opportunity for their children; a quality education in a private school of their choice where the values are taught. That’s important to them.

“I’ve seen the hope this school choice has brought to parents.”

Families are no longer bound to send their children to the public school they can afford to live closest to, regardless of the quality of education they may receive there. I’ve seen the hope this school choice has brought to parents.


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