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PROGRAM — Education Savings Account

Our ESA (Education Savings Account) funds have helped our son flourish, feel normal, be himself, achieve, and succeed academically! He can do all of these things in a safe and uplifting environment! RISE Academy was our choice because it was a small special needs school.

We knew this school could accommodate all the nuances of our son’s disabilities and emotional angst with grace and understanding! This school could cater to his specific needs. James Adams and Heather Ballard are outstanding people in special education, so I knew they’d run an outstanding school! They always have the kids’ best interest at heart!

As a family, we have experienced the public school system with a child that has special needs. The public school system was exhausted with our needs and threw its hands up. They didn’t know what to do anymore. As a parent, one of the most gut-wrenching things you can experience is someone giving up on your child. So, you go out there and seek options for your child.

“Having this ESA option is honestly a lifesaver!”

I was trying to find a small, new, thriving school that offered what my child needs. Finding this school would not have been possible without ESA funding! It is such a huge thing! As a family, we could not afford to pay tuition like this. Having this ESA option is honestly a lifesaver! My son was being bullied, picked on, teased, resulting in physical and emotional wounds.

The amount of stress that trying to find and pay for a new school put on me and his dad was almost unbearable. To have the ability to get him out of the public system and into something else, because of ESA, I can’t even find the words; It is life-saving! This ESA has given us peace of mind to choose the right fit for our child! Nobody should just have to accept the school they’re assigned to!


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