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Stella is a beautiful young girl who has the kindest heart and works so hard at all the things she does. She has two little brothers and they simply adore her. They want to be a part of everything she does and she loves being the big sister.

Stella was held back in kindergarten and really struggled with reading. We chose Mother of Divine Grace because it is an accredited school with a classical curriculum similar to Great Hearts, and there isn’t a Great Hearts close to our house.  Divine Grace is very structured and has a list of things we need to accomplish every day. It’s a Catholic school, with some lessons that we can teach at home. It’s so wonderful to see a bigger picture of history and the church and how it all ties in together.

The school is very structured and I never feel alone. We have curriculum that was designed by a very talented educator, Laura Berquist.  I have a checklist of what I need to do every day with each child and we submit assessments to teachers that let us know how we are doing. We get a lot of great feedback.

My kids are so happy they can be together again. We have time to spend as a family now. The kids go to swimming lessons and other activities. Their day used to be so long, nine hours away at school then an hour of homework every night. It was getting to be too much for us. Now our days are five hours and we get so much done and the kids get a lot of individual attention. Stella has a reading tutor to help her one-on-one two times a week and there has been so much improvement. I also get spend time with my kids again.

“Every family should have the right to choose how their kids are educated.”

Every family should have the right to choose how their kids are educated. There can be so many reasons why a parent would choose one school or another for their kid, and the best person to make that decision is the parent. Look at all the options out there, the choices for education are numerous and different. My kids are happy and are learning so much.

To us, school choice means the ability to choose as a family how and where our children are educated. As a parent of kids that need additional learning support, it nice to know we can get more help and get our kids the things they need to be successful learners.


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