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PROGRAM — School Tuition Organization

I’m writing on behalf of my eight-year-old granddaughter, Soraya Howard. I have been her primary caregiver since infancy and was legally appointed as her guardian almost three years ago.

For the past five years, I have been unable to work due to health problems and receive $1,300 from Social Security disability. I do what I can to manage and make ends meet. However, my medical co-pays and the needs of a growing child make paying tuition well beyond my means. The only way that Soraya is able to attend Kino School is through the generous scholarships that she receives each year.

I checked into the curriculum at many schools in our city and found a school that not only covers the academic standards, but believes in educating children in Emotional Intelligence and civic responsibility. Educating staff and management in Emotional Intelligence has been a key focus in many successful business models. I was able to see many of these benefits in my time in hospitality management.

“I am so impressed and I know that it is a direct result of the education she is receiving from this amazing school.”

I believe that children growing up with this education will be better prepared for the workforce, as well as many other experiences to come in their lives. Kino School educates the whole child. Soraya is already showing signs of being a very positive leader from her experience there. She immediately wanted to get the school involved in a project to make masks for the public and sat with me and we planned how to propose this and implement it. I am so impressed and I know that it is a direct result of the education she is receiving from this amazing school.

Education should not be a privilege of the wealthy. It is not only the wealthy child who is bright or who would benefit from a better education. A child should have the right to a quality education, regardless of their parent’s income. Children become a more productive part of society as adults if they have a quality education.
There are other considerations as well. There are schools that specialize in areas that fit the specific needs of children and their families and those considerations should not be excluded for parents without the means to pay for this specialized education.


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