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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

It is important that kids get a good education. Scholarships help parents get their kids into good schools and private schools. I actually go to a private school myself called Montessori Bishop Academy. 

I like my school because they teach students at the pace that’s best for each student. And we always go on a big field trip for a week at the end of the year. They make learning fun and they always do fun projects for each grade. 

In my class, it is fourth graders, fifth graders, and sixth graders. The school does things that other schools do not do. There are no desks and everything happens in one classroom. 

I’m in the fifth grade. I’ve been in my school for two years. Before that, I was in public school. In my old school, all I remember learning was a little bit of math and verbs. When I came home, my parents asked me about what I learned. I didn’t usually say anything. I just said I did a math game on the board.

Now I’m learning geography, geometry, algebra, history, ecology, biology, decimals, and English. Fifth graders also do service projects like picking up trash. So far, we have collected 170 pounds of trash. We work to prevent trash from getting into our oceans. 

Our school took a trip to Catalina Island in California. We went snorkeling, we had a buffet, and we went climbing and hiking. We also learned about animals, like fish we can raise. And we learned how to interact with them so that they don’t hurt us in any possible way. 

I’m working really hard and I want to stay in my school. More children deserve to go to a school like this so they can learn more and experience more, like going to different places. This is why I believe we should keep scholarships. 


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