PROGRAM — Charter School

My charter school has helped me a lot because it has a lot more programs of the things I like. For example, if you’re going to choose an elective, let’s say art, there are many types of different arts you can choose from! There’s the basics like traditional art, but then they have also 2D art, 3D art, creative expressions, and more! Another example is athletics. Unlike normal public schools who might only have PE, softball, basketball, and soccer, my charter school has dance, football, volleyball, beach volleyball, track, cheerleading, and even if it’s not a sport, they also have yoga!

Now you may be wondering, how did a few extra electives “change“ a girls life? Well, it’s because there’s way more things to choose from. Unlike the other schools I’ve gone to that only have music, PE, and art as electives, my charter school has way more. It has all the specific electives I want!

I think all families should be able to choose the right school for their child because every single kid in the world doesn’t have the same interest. Everyone I know all has different interests. For example,I could be sitting in front of a random person who likes fitness, but then the random person in front of me would like cooking. So, because charter schools have all these different electives, and the world is full of different people, I think regardless of income, everyone should be able to go to the right school.


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