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PROGRAM — Tuition Donation Credit Program

By Shane’s mom, Marjorie.

My son Shane has received a scholarship and we are very grateful. Without this scholarship, attending Archbishop Rummel would be completely unattainable. My son realizes how fortunate he is and truly appreciates the opportunity he has been given.  

I will never tire of seeing his eyes light up with pride when he tells people he goes to Rummel and hearing him speak of the classes he is taking, the teachers that are guiding him, and bond he is making with his fellow classmates. He had heard of the brotherhood that comes with going to a Catholic High School and now he gets to experience it.  

Having the opportunity to attend Rummel is truly a blessing and something we would not have been able to offer him without the Arete Scholarship. I am thankful that Shane has this opportunity. He shouldn’t have to attend the failing public high school in our area because of the financial status of his family!  

Shane is in 9th grade and does have plans of attending college. 


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