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First, I would like to express how much I appreciate the support my family and I have received from the scholarship. Without the scholarship I would have a hard time paying for my youngest’s tuition.

The scholarship has not only assisted with finances, but has provided resources that can help my family and I throughout the school year and during school breaks. The organization from which my daughter receives a scholarship sends us emails with resources for the summer and throughout the school year that can assist her with her academics.

Having my daughter attend Catholic school is important to me. The schools in my neighborhood are not high performing and safety is always a concern. While she attends Catholic school, I feel at peace heading to work knowing that she is in a safe and secure environment. The scholarship has been a great support not only financially but mentally.

We are very much grateful for all the support from the scholarship. Thank you for allowing my daughter to obtain the best education that a Catholic school can offer my daughter


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