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I grew up on the south side of Oklahoma City and am a senior at Cristo Rey. Growing up, we always attended public schools. We jumped around from school to school a bit during my elementary years because we couldn’t find the right place that worked for me.

During my high school years, I attended a public school, and my parents quickly saw me going down a path that none of us agreed with. My family and I started looking for other options, and we were shocked at how expensive private education was. There was no way we could afford anything other than the free public school down the street. Because of that reality, Cristo Rey turned out to be a bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined.

At first, I struggled at Cristo Rey. I wasn’t used to the high expectations that came with attending a high-quality high school. It was a significant shift and adjustment, but my teachers did everything they could to ensure I would improve and ultimately succeed.

I will attend the Naval Academy in the fall and am so blessed and fortunate to be a part of the first graduating class at Cristo Rey. It’s such a surreal moment, and it still hasn’t set in quite yet, but I am tremendously thankful for this school and everything they have done to put me on the path I’m currently on.


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