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Homeschool has allowed us to build my daughter’s confidence, reading skills, and life skills. She helps us with all aspects of home economics and is realizing that she can create a business by doing the things she is good at and likes to do – for example, cleaning the kitchen. She has been able to join a local theater that says she is fun, talented, and outgoing. Also, allowing her to be herself and not fit into something she was not. We can work in an exercise program to help her in her ninja worrier competitions. The new ESA scholarship will enhance all we have been doing and more. It will allow her even more opportunities to explore her talents and discover new ones. With ESA, she will have many options to learn to become a fun-loving, productive part of our community.

Every child should have the opportunity to find their talents, be confident, learn life skills, and be exposed to many different experiences outside their income status. How much your family makes should not short a child of education and life experiences. Every child should be able to have experiences they need to grow or desire. Every child is different and requires different experiences. One child may need to build humility while another confidence. A parent knows their child best and should be able to assist them in all aspects of life to become a beautiful part of whatever community they choose to be a part of.


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