Scholarships have been an essential part of my education. Scholarships not only made it possible but were the reason I could attend private institutions and receive the quality education that I did. My parents chose private schools for multiple reasons: smaller class sizes, more personalized classroom experiences, and the ability to form meaningful relations with my teachers. Because of these differences, I could develop into a student well prepared to take on the rigorous needs of higher education. Because of that preparation, I was put in a place that allowed for fantastic scholarly opportunities and achievements. Without the opportunity, support, and practice that private schools permitted me, I would not have the life-changing opportunities I have now.

Regardless of where an individual comes from, whether from wealthier families or financially struggling situations, quality education is something that everyone should be able to have for their child. Quality education can be the reason an individual’s life changes for the better. The educational opportunities, environment, and support that private institutions allow have an essential impact on children’s lives. Deciding where to send their children to school will enable parents to better set their children up for success in life. Everyone has what it takes to lead a positive and successful life; some individuals just need the tools to do so, and private institutions do just that, providing the tools necessary for children to change their lives and positively impact the world.



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