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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

When I had children, I just knew that I did not want to send them to a public school in our state. I personally grew up in charter schools and I knew firsthand just how important they are. I remember having the most caring teachers, diversity amongst my peers, and the best school lunches.

That too is what I wanted for my children. Since my child has been in the charter program, he has flourished! He has been on the honor roll every semester, he has developed great relationships with the teachers and principal, and his speech has improved immensely. Granville offers a better learning environment; their curriculum or the way they teach seems to engage Nasir more. I also really like the fact that they have time for kids to worship and work on their relationship with God.

Families should be able to choose what is right for their child’s education. I have witnessed a lot of people being dragged down by an education system that divides people. I did not want my child to be held back by that. Every child deserves a chance at a better future, regardless of income or race. Our children are the future! We want to see them succeed.

We want them to become doctors, lawyers, astronauts, and maybe even one day they could become president. They have a better chance of achieving this if they are given the chance to go to a great school… a school that is right for them.


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