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My name is Naomi, I’m from Ethiopia and I go to St. Mary’s School in Maryland. I’m in the 8th grade. We moved to America in 2009. I was three or four when we moved here. We came here because things there weren’t the best, the education wasn’t good and everything was third world. My mom wanted me and my sister to have a better life.

Before St. Mary’s, I went to a public school that wasn’t the best. It was bad in education and there was a lot of violence there. My parents said we needed a better education from a private school, so we decided to go to St. Mary’s.

“My mom wanted me and my sister to have a better life.”

I started at St. Mary’s in first grade. I like how the environment is great. I grew up with most of my friends here and the teachers are so supportive. It’s just great.

I believe families should choose schools they want for their kids because some parents want their kids to have a better education, a better start in life so they can grow up and do better things, instead of just going to the school near their house. They should have a choice.

I want to be an advocate for the nonpublic schools.


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