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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

By Nayza’s mom, Sarai.

We have one child, Nayza, and she is in the fourth grade. The scholarship has helped our family tremendously. Our daughter is currently attending St. Ann Catholic School. 

Nayza has been to three other public schools prior to St. Ann. The scholarship has meant a great deal. It made a huge difference when we decided to move her to St. Ann’s because of the scholarship. Otherwise, we don’t have the means to financially do that. 

Nayza has been attending St. Ann’s for three years now. I have seen a major change. Academically wise, it’s completely different. 

I was never content with the schools she was attending prior to St. Ann’s. They were overcrowded and never provided one on one attention. The academics weren’t what we were looking for. I actually work in the school system and I know first hand how it works and did not want that for my child. 

We started looking for a different option and for resources. St. Ann’s was perfect for Nayza and for her needs. Through outreach, I was able to find out about the scholarship. I looked into it and I applied and when she was approved, it was great. 

It is important that choice be available to other families because they should have the same opportunity as my daughter. It does make a difference for kids.


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