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This scholarship has been a blessing for us, since without it we would not be able to have our son in a private school. The difference has been enormous. We can be more involved in our son’s education. We know what he is doing, and we share time with him and his teachers.

Our oldest son has grown in writing, reading, mathematics, Spanish, being more independent, and socializing with other classmates at school. The help that this scholarship gives us is really very good. Thank you for always showing your support to families like mine who need it.

I believe that all families should have the opportunity to have scholarships for their children’s future, since we want better education in our country that has been so distorted. The education of our children is the most important thing that as parents we should focus on, since we are helping for their future and well-being. We should pay more attention to how our children stand out the most and where they are weakest. In that way we can help them, and insist on the good education and excellent future that we, as parents, wish for them. Thank you.


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