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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

From Mia’s dad, Bernardo Gomez

We became concerned about my daughter’s education. We believed she wasn’t being challenged enough and she wasn’t getting enough support at her prior school. So we started exploring options for her and learned about the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship.

Last year, in her private school, our daughter started out on the volleyball team. We got letters throughout the year congratulating her on her grades. She wanted to be on the dance team, tried out, and was accepted. We are really proud of her. It’s also been helping out a lot with our daughter’s confidence.

“We were looking for a choice for an education that would fit her needs.”

We can really see a difference in Mia since she started at her new school. Before we had to push her to do her homework, and whatever else she needed to do. Now, even late at night, she is doing her homework without us having to push her to do so.

We weren’t looking to send our daughter to a private school. We were looking for a choice for an education that would fit her needs. We have two daughters; Mia, who is 12, and Alexa, who is seven. Alexa is still in a public school. We believe we know our children and, as parents, we know what is best for them. That is why we chose private school for one, because her public school wasn’t the right fit. For our other daughter a public school was the right choice. Each child is different and we want the best for both of our children. School choice makes that possible.


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