PROGRAM — Charter School

I have a lineage of educators. I’m the eldest child and grandchild, and I’ve been positioned to educate those younger than me. I’ve always had a passion for helping others reach their full potential. No other career has ever sparked my interest like being an educator. I’ve been educating for 14 years now.

Thrive Academy is the only five day boarding school in Louisiana. Students receive an educational experience that is unique and catered to them regardless of their background. Thrive classes are smaller for a more personal relationship between scholar and educator. I enjoy being able to really learn who my students are, and how they learn best so that I can make sure I am teaching for all of them.

A family’s income should never dictate how educated they are allowed to be. Everyone has the right to be educated and receive support in this country. Income cripples so many people and children shouldn’t have to suffer through this. Education should be obtainable across the country. You can want the best for your child regardless of where you are in life financially.

All children deserve a safe and healthy place to learn.


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