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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

My name is Luis Angel Rock, and I am eighteen years old. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have lived in Milwaukee my whole life. I have attended St. Anthony since preschool. I feel like my family wanted me to attend a private school, and St. Anthony specifically, because of how religious my parents are. They viewed St Anthony as a school that could provide a great education and better my relationship with God.

The education I have received from St Anthony has been great due to the fact that every teacher from preschool to my senior year has cared about every student succeeding. Our motto is “One Team, One Family.” And I can say, on a personal level, we have represented that motto as an entire community, from janitors, to lunch ladies, to the principal and the president of the school.

I plan to attend the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin and study mechanical engineering. During the summer before college, I plan to work all summer and save up money to buy a car for transportation to school since there isn’t a bus specifically for UWM like there was for St. Anthony.

All families should have options regarding where they feel their kids should attend school because they have to find the best for their child. Everyone has their own beliefs and might feel that a private school is better, with their uniform policies and teaching methods, is the best fit. I don’t have an opinion on public schools because I never had the opportunity to attend one, but if a family believes their child can get the best education by sending them to a public school, they should have the option to send their child to that school.


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