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Like many families, the effects of COVID had a huge impact on our financial situation. When my husband lost his job due to the pandemic, we were faced with the hard truth that our children would no longer be able to attend our beloved school, St. Theresa. After reaching out to the school administration, scouring the internet and STO sites for scholarships and aid, we were blessed to have received support that made it possible for our two small children to continue attending their school.

The scholarships we received changed our lives during a time when we felt hopeless, beaten down, and uncertain of the future. We did not want to disrupt our children’s lives or impact their sense of security or comfort any more than the pandemic had already done. As parents, we felt a wave of relief and that a lifeline had been thrown to us after feeling like we were drowning. We did not want to uproot our children from a school and community that is so dear to us and add another level of fear or confusion to our young kids who were already trying to make sense of this global pandemic.

“As parents, we felt a wave of relief and that a lifeline had been thrown to us after feeling like we were drowning.”

We chose our school because of the tremendous value on family and community, and the importance of education and faith that our school embodies. My children are surrounded by caring and kind students, educators, staff, and families who make them feel loved, supported, nurtured, and cared for. The values of St. Theresa are fully in line with our values, and our children have thrived socially, emotionally, mentally, and in their faith. After moving to Arizona from California almost 4 years ago, this school community has given us a sense of home. We have no family in AZ, but St. Theresa has given us the love and support that we didn’t have before. My kids love their school and are happy, healthy, and doing well. My husband and I could not be happier that we have found a school and community that has welcomed us and made us feel at home.

All families should choose the right school for their children first and foremost. As parents, we’ve learned that while we are their primary educators at home, finding a school that can serve as educators and role models outside the home is just as vital to a child’s success AND helps our children become the type of adults we hope to raise. Surrounding your children in a similar environment and in a community that shares the same values and vision, helps make parenting and educating a seamless and consistent process. I believe that the right school for a child, helps them reach their fullest potential and challenge them in ways to be the best they can be.


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