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My oldest child is an IEP student. I have been fighting the school for over three years to provide my daughter with the correct and necessary resources; however, they were unable to meet my child’s needs, which only resulted in her falling further behind.

They did not help my child in any successful way. They pulled her out of class during core lessons. The school refused to hold my child back or even work with her at a lower grade level so that way she could make the connections and build upon each other. Instead, they had my child doing way less work with no positive results. For example, my child was required to do two math problems when the rest of the class would do 50, and she would still fail. This was because the school refused to return to the fundamentals and allow my child to build upon them.

All families should have the option to give their children an education that meets the child’s needs and goals. As a single mom, I understand how hard it can be to homeschool while providing for your kids. It’s truly a shame the public school systems are corrupting our children and not setting them up for a positive life experience. We have lost the fundamentals in public school, and it is our job as parents to ensure our children are safe and learning skills for a positive life.


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