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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

In public school, I was learning the same thing over and over. By the time I was in 5th grade, I could barely do division and I couldn’t read well, write well, or recognize mistakes between my grammar. The expectation for 5th grade requires knowing how to multiply and divide by fractions and how to analyze characters, plots, and settings, as well as to recognize an author’s purpose for writing and his or her organizational strategies.

When I was at a public school two years ago, my grades started to suffer because I was bullied due to a medical issue and IEP I have for my voice.

For the last two years`I have been in private school and have learned much more in the last two years than I would have in my former school. There are many kids like me that want a chance and deserve school choice. In Nevada, our high school graduation rank is the second lowest in the country, and less than 26% of Nevada adults have a bachelor’s degree.

Kids who are bullied or struggle with learning should be allowed to find a place where they can learn and feel safe. We will be the change Nevada needs to put us higher in the rankings.  


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