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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

I’m the oldest sibling in my family and the first to go to college. I recently graduated from Cristo Rey High School in Milwaukee. Before that, I went to Notre Dame Middle School. I actually went to a different school for sixth grade but then transferred to Notre Dame. And I saw a significant difference going from a public school to a Catholic school. 

Notre Dame in particular helped me with my English, which for me is my second language. I had difficulty speaking and reading English. Even though I was born in America, I went to an elementary school where Spanish was the primary language spoken. My teachers at Notre Dame and Cristo Rey were very caring. They would stay after school to help me if I struggled in any subject. 

At first my mom did not know there was a difference between the schools. But then she saw I was struggling and wanted to make a change. So I changed to a new school and she saw a huge difference. My parents really want my siblings and I to become something, not just to help ourselves and our family, but also to help the community and be selfless. 

School choice helps my family afford tuition. My parents do not have to struggle so much to cover tuition for all four of us thanks to the school choice program. Without this program, I do not think we would be able to attend our schools. 

I plan to attend St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. I decided to go out of state because I want to learn how to be independent. I want my younger siblings to learn to be responsible. I want to meet new people and experience new food and new things so I can grow. I believe my schools have prepared me to do well in college and beyond.


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