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My daughter Destinee was going to our districted public school and I saw that she was falling behind. We moved to Arizona from New Mexico, which is a state that forces kids into districted public schools, and enrolled her into a charter school. She has thrived. Destinee has excelled so much that we are now considering sending her to a private Christian school to instill the values that she will carry for the rest of her life. This is a very important part of her adolescence as we believe that she should be guided with proper Christian teachings.

I wholeheartedly believe that school choice allows students to excel. In our experience, public schools pass the children to the next grade regardless of reading comprehension or other performance factors. Teachers in public schools are sometimes comfortable with mediocrity & they do the bare minimum for students. This is a travesty for our country as a whole when our future generation has no interest in spelling, grammar, or basic knowledge. This sets them up to earn a minimum wage for their entire lives. I encourage parents to think outside the box and learn what choices they have to educate their children, they are your legacy.


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