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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

In the fall I will start high school at Milwaukee Lutheran. Before that, I attended St. Marcus. My mom chose the school because she heard it was a good school and it was close to where we lived. She wanted me to have a good future and a better life than she did. She had an awful experience in her schools and she didn’t want that for me. She wants me to be successful and responsible.

My favorite subject is math. I also like singing and one reason I chose my high school is because it has a very good choir. My goal is to maintain honor roll throughout my high school career and have all As so I can get into a good college. I’d like to attend an HBCU. In college I want to study medicine and eventually become a pharmacist. 

Without school choice I would most likely be attending an MPS school. I don’t think I would have received such a good education, including a character education. I think school choice is good for families because it allows them to attend good schools that they could not afford otherwise.


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