PROGRAM — Charter school

I chose to go to a charter school because of the rigorous curriculum that they had to offer. When my parents and I went to the orientation for Milwaukee Excellence Charter School,  I immediately noticed how welcoming the staff was. At the orientation, the principal stated the expectations of each student. Afterward, he also stated what each student can expect from them.

I was excited to find out that each year the students go on trips to other states. Another thing that piqued my interest in this school was that they had a girls’ basketball team; I played in basketball in grade school and for the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). My parents were impressed with the school. I felt comfortable to know that quite a few of my grade school friends were attending there as well.

Since I have been attending Milwaukee Excellence Charter School, I have excelled scholastically. My parents and I have noticed a great improvement in my knowledge of course content; this has also become evident as displayed by my GPA. I had a tough time transitioning from grade school to middle school, but I have settled in and have adjusted to the rhythm.

Families should be able to choose the right school for their children regardless of their income. There are many families that are at the poverty level. They may not have access to the proper resources needed to improve, compete, and turn things around for their family.

Families should be allowed to choose a place that is a positive environment and offers an exceptional educational experience for their kids. They should be allowed to choose to be somewhere their children can concentrate, feel comfortable, be treated equally, and receive the type of education that will help them to compete in society.


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