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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Justin Hardy, and I am a third grader at Family Worship Christian Academy. Being able to leave public school and return to this school for third grade has made me so happy. My teachers help me learn my lessons and make classwork fun. The kids here are cool and nice too. I like my teachers and my Principal. I have new friends and my brothers also are here with me! Being at Family Worship has made me a better kid! 

From Justin’s mom:

I feel so fortunate to have my three boys together at Family Worship Christian Academy on the Louisiana Scholarship Program.  My boys are in an awesome classroom setting with small classes and extra help when needed.  The teachers give phenomenal feedback on my boys’ progress and that helps so much for a mother to know how they are doing in school.  My boys are learning and enjoying it!   

I feel it is so important to be able to choose the school for your kids because all kids learn differently and have different needs in the classroom. I feel that by choosing Family Worship Christian Academy for by boys, I’ve contributed to a positive impact on my boys’ future.  


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