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PROGRAM — Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School

Growing up, I was fortunate to not only attend one but two of the best “public” schools. Kindergarten through eight-grade, I attended Worthington Hooker School where I learned the true definition of diversity – my classmates came from all walks of life. One of my favorite memories from grade school was “international day,” an annual celebration where we celebrated all countries and cultures. I also liked Black History Month, especially when the entire school gathered for weekly presentations from each grade. My high school years were spent at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School where I was on the dance team. Attending a performing arts high school was truly incredible. I was able to perfect my craft while simultaneously learn different arts and network with my peers.

During my undergraduate studies, I began to work with at-risk youth and immediately realized the disadvantages they faced. While growing up, I understood the importance of school, yet I didn’t believe that college was an option for me. Looking back, I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given to further my education, where I began as a mentor and am now a social worker. I am now an advocate for many, but I truly believe everyone deserves the proper tools and resources for education.


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